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Standard rate: $20.00 per hour, per person with a two hour and two person minimum.



• Family (Mom, Dad, kids (age 6 and older):  10%

• Children under age 5 are free.

• Military and Senior citizen discounts (with ID):    15%


Pay by cash, local check, MasterCard and Visa (Debit or credit cards).


How Tours Work:

Our tours are done “caravan” style, meaning your tour guide will be driving the lead vehicle (well-marked and easy to follow). You will be following in your own car or rental car.  The cars are “connected” by easy to use “hands free” walkie-talkies.  No climbing in and out of big buses.  No fear of leaving something (like your camera or purse, for example) on the bus because you will be in your car. Drives between tour locations are usually 10 minutes or so.  Tours can start anywhere you like (which saves you money).  A tour can meet up at your hotel, the Welcome Center, the Chamber of Commerce, WalMart, the grocery store or just about anywhere.


The average tour runs two hours and that includes driving time.  Tours can run long so we will let you know when you are close to the end of the tour time you have paid for so you can decide if you want to continue (and pay more) or if you are ready to be done. $5.00 per person per each ¼ hour beyond what you originally paid for. Should a tour encounter traffic delays, the extra charge policy is waved.  Discounts only apply with tours that are paid for before departure so do not be shy about asking for extra time when paying for your tour.  


We do need to let you know that we do not travel into Joshua Tree National Park. JTNP rangers do an exceptionally great job and we would like you to get the best from the best.  We are; however, glad to make suggestions on JTNP points of interest.



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